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Heard about this startup - Animoto. Its simple, it takes your pics, allows you to select a music track and compiles a video out of it and claims no 2 videos are alike. Neat, huh? The short videos (30 sec) are free but the longer ones are not. The shorter ones give a trailer kind of teaser feeling, and are actually great. How far are we to see such features in (*gulp*) Gimp and Picasa? Beyond a lame musical slide show, ftw :)

Just wanted to give it a whirl, uploaded a bunch of pics - random mostly and some from our recent quick Ghirardeli ice-cream late evening sprint. What came out is this -

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  1. karyzma 5:04 PM, May 08, 2008
    cool i am curely going to use this one. btw did i tell you? i am leaving my job after 15 years to become a ad maker :P

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