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So parents depart after a good (short) half a years stay, and things change. I was preparing myself to be bored again, but it turns out, weekdays are (enjoyably) busy with work and every weekend continues to be equally fun-filled :) I now have more friends in the bay area than anywhere else, and the best thing is most of them are my old friends from Pune. Hiking, games and movies and coding make up my weekends, which otherwise was just coding :P

Blogging becomes scarce, out of pure ignorance, and having exciting things to do make it not so exciting ;) Plus twitter is there filling the need :)

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  1. karyzma 10:28 PM, May 01, 2008
    looks like you are too active on twitter these days :)

    but i hate making twitter a place holder of where "i am going right now".

    Thats my gtalk status log :)

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