Linux Storage & File System Workshop 2008

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LSF, is a premier meet for Linux file system folks. Being invite only, its the only concerned people that attend or rather allowed to attend this workshop. This is its third year and mine first. Only 60 odd people on the attendee list. Odd. Every big name you can think of in the Linux kernel community was there, notable exceptions of Linus and Alan Cox, but they aren't file system major anyway.

Heres the workshop program: And there wasn't any scope for any and every discussion not to be enlightening. Being a primary note taker, I was all the more attentive than usual. Good for me. Will hang off my notes here, as soon as I get them compiled in a readable way.

LSF was co-located with USENIX FAST 2008 and a BoF was arranged on the last day of the workshop which was open to both LSF and FAST attendees. I found it very interesting, especially since it allowed interaction between people from academia and Linux kernel maintainers. We discussed many issues surrounding file systems and storage apart from taking a overview of the discussions at workshop.

I enjoyed my presence at LSF a lot, more than just the day full of technical stuff, its about meeting and interacting with the small esoteric group of kernel developers, whom I revere since my school days. And now its easy for me to convince my mom that its ok if I work more, if akpm works 60 hours a week at his age :)

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  1. Sakthi 1:01 PM, March 03, 2008
    Amit, You must be lucky to meet some really interesting geeks :P

    As a matter of fact they would have thought the same when then met you. LOL
  2. AG 4:29 PM, March 10, 2008
    @sakthi: hehe..couldn't help but lol! :)

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