As I Clean My Whiteboard...

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A friend of mine asked what am I gonna do on my 1st anniversary here at VMware. I jumped and said, "I'm gonna clean my whiteboard da!"

Theres a reason to it. Reason being it still contains tidbits of things dating back to June last year! Small things...things explained to me, things discussed with team-mates, things discussed with friends, and some things I noted down myself when working on projects..scribbled in blue, black, red and green. Some failed, some worked! As I wipe things off, I can recollect the time of the day it was written, the context and with whom. As if all done just yesterday!

Cleaned it be for the new things to fruition.

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  1. itskary 7:34 PM, July 13, 2008
    Congratulations! :)
  2. Sandhya 10:57 PM, July 27, 2008
    hahahah! how weird! I still haven't erased my white board completely either, and 'cleaning' it is totally what I had in mind too for my 1 year anniversary!

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