UFL Career Fair

Reminds me of the project presentation days...talk and answer same things over and over.

The UFL career fair was nothing much different than KSU's, but I found UFL students taking career fairs more seriously. May be because UFL has more students or may be because career fairs at KSU are not much fruitful to computer science students. Although I did took first couple fairs at KSU seriously, later I didn't because I didn't have to, except for the free goodies. Its nice to be on the other side of the table though. And its always good to go back to school.

Weather in Gainesville, I found, is noticeably different...its more on the hotter side, but winters are pleasant. In all the places I've been, I can feel the difference in not only the weather, but in the air...Kansas, Boston, Palo alto, Seattle, Pune and Florida. It doesn't have to be true though, I don't have enough samplings.

The highlight of this trip, apart from a mouth watering "peshal" egg curry by megs, is that I had to give an impromptu presentation at the VMware info session. Thanks to some of the colleagues who chipped in.

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